As a customer of ChatBots Agency, you are also an affiliate. You promote ChatBots Agency to your family members, friends, co-workers and social media contacts. As an affiliate, you and all the other participants are going to make ChatBots Agency possible through network promotion.
Thanks to our ready-to-use promotional texts, images and videos, we make it easier for you as an affiliate to promote ChatBots Agency to your family, friends and social network.

To make ChatBots Agency possible, an affiliate must motivate at least 3 participants to participate in ChatBots Agency. The 3 participants (or more) have to sign up to ChatBots Agency themselves.
The promotion of ChatBots Agency takes up until the intended number of participants have been reached. This is necessary to make ChatBots Agency possible.

To participate, you must sign up in advance. After we reach the intended number of pre-sign-ups, all participants will receive an invitation via email to buy a Reseller account.
After all the payments have been received, all customers receive an email with the information about the ChatBots Agency Reseller Platform and AI ChatBot Bonusses.

The best 500 affiliates will also receive an email with information about a Super AI bonus.
All customers / affiliates have the possibility to improve their skills and knowledge during the promotional period via our free training site ChatBots