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Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and E-commerce owners, Marketeers, Digital Advertisers, Resellers, Affiliates, Freelancers, and Anyone who wants to Make Money!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business is booming and gaining popularity at a phenomenal pace.

Now is the time to seize opportunities in AI Chatbot Marketing and Sales.

As an Entrepreneur and Reseller, you miss out on customers if you are not available to provide information and support for your product.

Being present in your physical or online store and business 24 hours a day is only for big capital powerful companies.

Creating your own chatbot is not a task for a non-technical entrepreneur. It also takes a lot of time. Getting an intelligent chatbot made is expensive.

Setting up an AI Chatbot SaaS (Software as a Service) online company costs a fortune. As an entrepreneur, it will cost you hundreds of thousands or even one million dollars.


Artificial Intelligence eXtended Technology

SaaS Application Suite

There are more than 80 million small businesses around the world using Facebook pages. They all have to support their customers 24 hours a day. Sell your customer chatbot service to these 80 million small businesses.

With your own chatbot on your site or page, you don’t miss out on potential customers. You are reachable and approachable for your customers 24 hours a day, via your support chatbot.

As an Entrepreneur and Reseller, you don’t have to create your own chatbot or set up your AI Chatbot SaaS company. Giving support is no longer a problem either.

Early adopters with an annual contribution of $297 and 5 customers, have a Return on Investment (ROI) of $1485/$297 x 100% = 500% per year at a minimum sale price of $297. According to the starters rule, an investment in a start-up is attractive at an average estimated ROI of around 20 percent. Also $297/year means $0.81 cents per day, thats less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!

Don’t let the chances of creating your own Chatbot and selling Whitelabel AI Chatbot SaaS accounts go to waste.

As an Entrepreneur and Reseller, you don’t have to spend millions to develop an AI Marketing SaaS Platform.

An army of Freelancers is waiting for you to create your Chatbots.

It is not necessary to understand or be familiar with our technology or provide technical support. Our support team will take care of all your customer Tech questions.

All you have to do is, do what you have done best in the past, acquire your customers and referrals in real life or on the Internet.

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REFUNDS: You can request your money back in 30 days, after purchasing without a statement of reason.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support by Chatbots Agency for 2nd and 3rd tier. The 1st tier is via Support Chatbot.

Limited Time Offer

First come First served

There is only a limited number of White Label accounts available.

Extra AI Marketing Services

Chatbots Agency distinguishes itself from other Chatbot SaaS platforms and agencies, by offering Artificial Intelligence Marketing Add-ons & Extra Marketing Services.

With the online White Label AI Chatbot SaaS Platform, you will sell chatbot accounts and keep the profit.

We provide marketing material and support. We take care of the development of AI Marketing Add-Ons, for the White label Chatbot SaaS Platform.

You set your own prices. However, there is a minimum price in order to maintain exclusivity.

Reseller sells White Label AI SaaS accounts and retains the sale amount.

Limited number of White label accounts available.

Type apply in our Messenger chatbox or Pre-Order HERE and Pay Later!

BONUS – Resell 100 Accounts of 22 x SaaS (Software as a Service) Apps:

AI Trainer – GPT-3 ChatBot Training Service


Annual recurring fee: $97

StarBots – ChatBot Builder


Annual recurring fee: $97

IGService – Instagram Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $57

FAWService – Automate Copywriting!


Annual recurring fee: $87

TTSService – Text-to-Speech


Annual recurring fee: $87

ChatBot Agency – ChatBot Builder XT


Annual recurring fee: $97

SMSZender – Android Mobile SMS Gateway


Annual recurring fee: $47

GMB Agency – Google My Business Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $27

SEO Agent – Visitor and SEO analytics


Annual recurring fee: $27

Social Media Influencer – Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $57

Free Site Builder


Annual recurring fee: $27

InstaMultiplier – Instagram Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $17

Easy Sales Proof – Increased Conversions


Annual recurring fee: $17

Dating Bot – Instagram Dating Automation ChatBot


Annual recurring fee: $97

WhatsStore – WhatsApp Store builder


Annual recurring fee: $97

Wasper – WhatsApp Chatbot Builder


Annual recurring fee: $97

Tweet Agency – Twitter Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $57

InstaHosting – web hosting


Annual recurring fee: $97

Mailser – Email Marketing


Annual recurring fee: $97

123SocialProof – Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth


Annual recurring fee: $67

xodoo – AI business management tools


Annual recurring fee: $97

Telebot – Telegram Bot Service


Annual recurring fee: $97

123Telemarketing – Telemarketing & VoIP Service


Annual recurring fee: $97

Total Annual Recurring fee: $1.544

Your Annual Savings: $1.544

All of our Whitelabel SaaS apps will be hosted on Amazon AWS.

Resell 100 accounts to generate additional income!

22 SaaS App Suite retail price: $15 p/m per 22 SaaS App Suite account. Your annual profit will be for 1 customer per 22 SaaS App Suite = 15 x 12 = $180. At 20 customers = $3600 annual profit. Yes, annual profit because you can freely resell 22 SaaS App Suite at no extra cost!

Super AI Bonus

OpenAI Engine

UBERBOTS is a Free AI Bonus. Bonus is only available to early adopters. After the introduction stage, the regular price goes up to $1597 annual payment. In order to maintain the exclusivity of UberBots, access will be restricted. Participation is only granted after qualification. Qualify in order to participate.

UberBots (OpenAI Engine) is a WhiteLabel Online AI SaaS Platform with the same features as ChatGPT, ManyChat (Chatbotbuilding), UChat (VoiceBot), ClickFunnels (Funnelbuilding), AI Business Intelligence, CRM, AI Marketing Automation, and Prediction platforms. Full White Label Agency Licence included.

Features and Number of Accounts depend on Reseller’s type of subscription. Premium, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and White Label Subscriptions. The White Label is also divided into different levels, with a maximum number of accounts to resell.

Retain all High-End sales revenue from accounts and chatbots. Outsourcing Chatbot development to Freelancer’s pool.

Early adopters have high profits. They can set their own prices for the Front-End and Back-End products. However, there is a minimum sale price for the Back-End product.

Pre-Orders are entitled to the Bonus UBERBOTS. Only a limited number of White label accounts are available to maintain the exclusivity of the AI ChatBots SaaS Platform.

Money-Back Guarantee

REFUNDS: You can request your money back, in 30 days after purchase without a statement of reason.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support by Chatbots Agency for 2nd and 3rd tier. The 1st tier is via Support Chatbot.

First Come First Served.

Limited Time & Number of White label Accounts Available.

Artificial Intelligence eXtended Technology

SaaS Application Suite

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